MEMBERSHIP SITES: A Review By AffiliateMarketHelp


Membership sites have gained tremendous popularity online; now is the time to tap in on this continual lead and sales producing phenomenon! What better promotion than by offering free or even ‘exclusive’ membership to your readers?

Did you know that membership sites tend to have a higher conversion rate than just running ads on websites or requesting newsletter sign-ups? Would you like to increase your client/customer base, grow your mailing list, and build long-term relationships with your clients/customers? Of course you would!

There is excellent new software that can literally get your high-quality site up and running in minutes; all without the headaches or costly expenditure of having a professional do it for you!



You can include anything you want within your membership site’s pages such as download links, graphics, ads or links to other pages (these pages can be either inside or outside the members’ area). Free download offers are easily set up and protected from ‘theft’ within the software. You can offer ‘freebies’ while selling/promoting at the same time!

The software itself is easy to set up; you will be up and running in minutes! Once set up is complete, you simply create a ‘squeeze page’ outlining the benefits of joining that includes a special sign-up form. When visitors enter their name and email address to get their membership, they are automatically subscribed to your auto-responder as well. (note: You can use almost any auto-responder with this software.)

As an example of how this works, following is a description based on a double opt-in method (you can also use a single opt-in if desired):

  • A visitor enters their name and email address into the created sign-up form. The details are captured by your auto-responder and stored by the membership script provided within the software;
  • Your auto-responder sends a confirmation email;
  • The subscriber clicks the link given within the email to confirm their subscription; they are then sent to a “special page” that creates their membership using the name and email address provided and displays their login user ID and password.  (An email is also sent to the subscriber containing their user ID and password to keep for their records.)

Congratulations! You now have a confirmed subscriber on your mailing list and a new member of your membership site!

You can use your copy of this amazing software to set up as many membership sites as you want … all for one low cost! The only restriction is that all sites must belong to you; in addition, you cannot sell sites that use the script (unless the buyer purchases their own copy of the software).


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Favorite Pop Bar: A Review By Affiliate Market Help

I just posted a ‘press release’ on one of the affiliate memberships I belong to and would like to share this information with all of you!  It is about a recently released software tool that is going to be an indispensable tool for anyone with a WordPress blog or website.  In fact, this little number can also be used on sites you don’t even own!

pop up toolbar lg size

Pop Bar is a powerful marketing tool that you can use on your own blogs or websites.  You even have the ability of placing it on others’ websites; however, this feature should only be used as a tool to build your credibility.

The design of the Pop Bar is very flexible, allowing you to customize the design of the bar to suit the WordPress theme that it will be used with.  The pop-up can be used to display a subscription form or an advertisement for a product or service.  You can even use the bar without a pop-up and just display a message or clickable link!

This simple solution can increase your response rates by making your blog more personal for your subscribers.

Pop Bar is licensed for use on an unlimited number of blogs that you own; there are no resale rights.  The software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.