Wealthy Affiliate: Review By AffiliateMarketHelp

Recently, I became a ‘member’ of an online networking community; let’s be honest, at first the first word to really grab my attention was ‘FREE‘.  They represented that membership was free, training was available (also free), 2 free websites with free hosting was also offered!

Naturally, this sounded way  too good to be true; I was convinced it was some sort of elaborate ‘scam’.  Being the inquisitive person that I am, needless to say I investigated.  To my pleasant and grateful surprise…..it was a valid claim!

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the most remarkable networking site that I have ever seen for affiliate marketing; in fact, everything offered here can be applied to just about any area!  You can sign up for free and you can stay a free member forever if you want! (note:  as of this writing, this also includes having your free websites forever, too!)  There is a free ‘training course’ that walks you through getting up and running, including keyword training, site setup, SEO, best practices, etc.     I was, to put it mildly, knocked off my feet!

 I was greatly impressed with the quality of information offered….valid and extremely useful information, not only for affiliate marketing but for any online business-type activity (even if you applied it to selling your own handicrafts, etc.).  There are high-quality written lessons backed up with videos.


Do you know what else?  I started to receive emails from WA to see how I was doing, invites to specific blogs, updates on when there was any activity (much like Twitter or Facebook).  I received emails just to ask how I was, did I need help with anything, suggestions for specific training articles, etc.  Other members made contact and I made several good networking friendships almost immediately!

What about the websites, you ask?  Thousands of free templates, walk-through training for setup (including videos), option to set up yourself or have it done ‘for you’, training and other blogs with many tips/pointers.  Run into any problems?  Best support system I have seen in quite some time; not only does the ‘admin’ contact you, but you can post your questions and instantly receive multiple responses and follow-up, too!

Networking is nothing less than fantastic!  Members send you posts constantly, your opinion is asked for, information and suggestions are all freely given…..a genuine ‘family’ type of atmosphere, yet with so much professional assistance….I cannot say enough about this place!

100 percent real

During my second week, I upgraded to ‘Premium Member‘; you get more options for your websites (from 2 free sites to unlimited free sites, with free hosting), additional training is made available, general opportunities are greater, etc.  Let me repeat, you don’t have to become a ‘Premium Member’ to benefit from Wealthy Affiliate (WA) Taking the time to look it through, I discovered that there are numerous  ‘free’ members who have belonged for a LONG time who are thrilled with Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the help received and successes realized!

Take a few moments of your time … (compared to a lifetime, it is truly not so much to ask…is it?) … check Wealthy Affiliate (WA) out for yourself!  Let me know your comments….I truly would like your feedback on this one!